About Glenn Olson

“Wildlife or nature art has, in essence, the esoteric quality of a fine
symphony or an abstract painting. This art form is almost always
allegorical - it tells about a time past, a time present, a time to come, the
progression of the seasons, the wheel of life in its varied forms.”

Glenn Olson’s affinity with nature is closely linked to his upbringing on a ranch in southwestern Saskatchewan. He taught school in the Calgary Public system and studied art at the University of Calgary.

Recognizing that artistic preference is a personal decision, Olson comments that, “Most people who choose art do so because of a certain feeling that the work evokes. In each painting I strive to create that magical element”. As such, his work is not restricted to a specific niche of subjects. This versatility has resulted in the development of an exceptionally diverse portfolio, featuring scenes of wildlife, western art, Native American images and children.

Glenn considers experience and observation as essential to authentic reproduction. He spends a great deal of time studying his subjects and their interaction with the environment prior to reproducing them. Tools of his research include photography and sketching, with an appropriate balance of imagination. He works primarily with acrylics on either board or canvas in developing his highly detailed paintings.

In February 2000, Glenn toured game parks in Kenya and this amazing experience has inspired several African themed paintings. Then in May, 2006 Glenn traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to research a painting with an Arabian desert setting. More artworks may evolve from this fascinating trip.”

Glenn currently resides in Calgary, Alberta.